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Your Own Mix

Welcome to yourownmix! An LJ community where you can post your own mixes, life soundtracks, fan mixes, personal cds...complete with your own made cd cover!

This is not a music request community.

Some examples of 'cds' you can post:

- your own fan mix. Fan of Lost or Supernatural (or any fandom)? Or you want to have an alternative soundtrack for your favorite movie? Post it here!
- soundtrack of your life... what's your wedding or driving song?
- a themed cd... what songs are you planning to include in your roadtrip playlist?
- burning a cd for a friend? post it here!
- the list is endless!!!

Some rules...
- Please keep all your posts Friends-locked.
- To keep this community, and the fan mixes organized, please put include your username in the tags section. If you are posting a fan mix, please include both your fandom and your username in the post.
- Please allow individual track download (not that obligatory but it is for the benefit of those who only wanted one or two songs from your list since they already have the rest of it, or those using dial up.)
- Please put the music files in a zip file.
- If posting your own mix with your own cover, please make sure that the cd jacket is made by you.
- When creating your own cd cover, please credit the artist of the artwork, site where you get your pictures, brushes, etc.
- Please don't post original soundtracks. This community is for your own mix as well as fanmixes. If you want to download original soundtracks, please go to justsoundtracks. This is also not an album download community, you can go to [Bad username: sharemusic"] for that.
- Upload your music in any of these sites: YouSendIt, Box.net, MegaUpload and other good and rather virus-free file sharing sites.
- Please limit your cover art in a 200x00 or 250x250 pixels size. Anything larger than this please put under an lj-cut tag.
- Please put your tracklistings under an lj-cut.
- Be polite and respect other users. This is not a place to criticize other people just because they don't like Pop music.

- Have fun!

Have fun posting your own 'cds' or mixed music! This community promotes diverse music tastes as well as let you know which music and fandoms other people are into! Again, have fun and enjoy!

*for a tutorial of how to make a fanmix, click here.

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